Top Ten Books I’d Love to See On the Screen


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This week’s topic is another one that is near and dear to my heart, as I am a self-confessed television and movie junkie.  There’s not much that I enjoy as much as a good read, but Lifetime movies are pretty high up on the list.  I also have my fair share of TV shows that I keep up with regularly, including (but not limited to): The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Grey’s Anatomy, 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom in all of its various formats, Finding Carter (although this season I’ve been less interested), Dance Moms, and Modern Family – just to name a few…(By the way, if there are any shows that I’m missing that I should be watching, please let me know!)


When I was around twelve or thirteen, I read every single book about Anastasia.  I was sure that if she was a real person and we had met in real life, we would have been besties.  If there were a TV series about her, I’m sure it would be the best thing ever.


This was one of the first graphic novels that I ever read, and I surprised myself by really enjoying it.  Although I don’t think that graphic novels will ever be my go-to reading material, I’m definitely open to the genre and think this title in particular deserves an on-screen adaptation.


There’s probably a really good reason why this one never made it to the big-screen.  It probably has something to do with Salinger being super secretive and eccentric.  Who knows, maybe one day we’ll see it given the Hollywood treatment.


I feel like it’s only a matter of time before this one becomes a movie.  There are so many reasons why this story would translate well into a movie: the setting, the historical aspects, the friendship…  I’ve got my fingers crossed!


If I Stay translated, in my opinion, really well from page to screen, and I think the sequel would as well!


So, in the mid-1990s, there was a show on Nickelodeon called Are You Afraid of the Dark?, which pretty much scared me regularly, every Friday night for awhile.  The series was a sort of anthology of scary/creepy/paranormal stories that were told by a group of teens around a campfire.  They called themselves The Midnight Club.  I loved this show so much that, years later, I bought a bootleg copy of all of the seasons on DVD.

My point is that this was a great show, and I truly wish there were more shows like this airing now.  Any of Mary Downing Hahn’s books would translate beautifully to the format.  Her stories are perfectly creepy, but never gory or violent.


  1. notsoteenreads says:

    I’m so dying for Where She Went on the big screen! I liked If I Stay and I find WSW to be the better book of the two. And I LOVED Are You Afraid of the Dark! When I graduated college I bought the DVDs and we would all sit around watching a few a night.

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