Books I Can’t Ever Imagine Reading


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Oh, I’ve looked forward to this Top Ten Tuesday for so long.  It feels like a giant weight off my shoulders to put it out there in the universe that I will most definitely never read these books.



Not so long ago, I really wanted to read this book.  I love the name Finnegan, but I wouldn’t want to assign it to anyone without understanding any symbolism or meaning attached to it.  I was then informed of how difficult a read this was, took one look at the first page, and immediately added it to my “will never read in a million years” pile – along with every other book by James Joyce.  Descriptions of this tome include “experimental style” and “one of the most difficult works of literature.”  Yeah, no thanks.


While reading one of the longest works of literature ever published certainly sounds like a challenge, I don’t think it’s one that I will be personally undertaking.


So, there’s this book that I actually highly recommend.  It’s called 1001 Books to Read Before You Die.  It’s sort of my Everest.  But, there’s this one book in there which is sort of a mystery to me.  This is it.  This is a 10-volume tome that explores the history of Korea.  Which actually sounds like it could be pretty interesting.  But, get this: it has never been published in English.  WTF?!  How does that end up in a book of must-read books??  I just don’t understand.  And since I currently have no plans to study Korean, this book will have to die a slow death on my never-to-be-read list.


I would love to read this book, I really would.  It’s a topic that interests me greatly.  But, I just don’t think I would understand it.  It’s the kind of book that I would probably benefit more from seeing like, a BBC mini-series of instead.


I was actually assigned this book when I was a junior or senior in college.  And I tried to read it, I really did.  But ohhhh my god, how much whaling can one person honestly take?  The prof of that class realized pretty early on that no one was actually reading the book, so he took it off the syllabus.

And one that I’d really, really like to make it through, but have serious doubts about actually accomplishing:


This book has been on my radar for awhile now.  And it sounds like it would be totally up my alley: I’m a total glutton for haunted house stories.  But one look inside this book is enough for me to want to throw it up against a wall.  The complete and total disorganization of these pages is just, well, stunning.  It offends my eyes.

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