The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants



After a long, and unanticipated hiatus from blogging (and reading, for that matter), I’m back and more inspired than ever to continue to grow this little book blog.

So, it’s May, and to me, May is almost like the start of summer. Almost. And it’s also the time of year that I start craving some summertime books! There’s just something about books set during the summer that I love. And I’m so glad that I chose this one as my first choice for this summer, because I really enjoyed it.

What I liked

I am a total sucker for books about friendships among girls, or any characters for that matter, and this book had some great ones featured.  I loved the history of the girls’ friendship, and I loved that while each character is unique, it was totally understandable how and why they are such good friends.  I feel like there are too many books (or movies, television, shows, etc.) where it’s just sort of incomprehensible why the characters are friends, and it becomes totally unrealistic as a result.

I loved each girl’s individual story and the settings for them.  From Lena’s grandparents’ home in Greece, to Bridget’s summer soccer camp in Baja and Carmen’s father’s new house in South Carolina, I felt like I had taken three summer vacations all while curled up in my reading chair.  I also felt like Brashares did a fantastic job of weaving each girl’s story into the whole seamlessly, with the shared pants as the unifying element.

I also really appreciated and enjoyed the way Brashares incorporated both frothy, summer romance and more serious, thought-provoking issues and relationships.  There really is something for everybody in this unassuming little book!

What I didn’t like

So, maybe this is just me, but I felt like the book just kind of ended.  Like, I know it’s the first in a series, but I would have liked it more if it had wrapped up a bit more.  The ending just felt so sudden, and sort of unsatisfactory in a way.  But I suppose that may be the author’s way of getting readers to continue with the series…which I will be definitely doing.

Would I recommend it?

Yes!  Wholeheartedly, to anyone who is looking for a beach-y read, but with a bit more complexity and depth.

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