Something Blue by Emily Giffin


I enjoyed Something Borrowed so much that I just had to start this companion novel ASAP.  I’ve mentioned before my somewhat compulsive desire to read books in a series in quick succession, which I know is perhaps a little strange.  But I really hate starting a book about characters and events that I can only vaguely remember.  But, anyway, this is one of those books that I think everyone would enjoy more right after finishing Something Borrowed, when the characters and plot are more fresh.  This is because this novel actually features an overlap of the events that took place at the end of Something Borrowed, but now from Darcy’s POV instead of Rachel’s.

Just as an aside, I’m going to try to make this post as spoiler-free as possible (which I’m learning is quite difficult with sequels!).

What I liked

Going into reading this, I felt a little let-down by switching from Rachel’s POV to Darcy’s.  Darcy was my least favorite character by far in Something Borrowed.  But, even when she was being self-centered or materialistic, or just plain narcissistic, Giffin managed to portray her in such a humorous, almost caricaturistic manner, that I found it totally enjoyable.  I even found myself giggling through a few passages, which NEVER happens for me.

What I didn’t like

I love a good transformation tale, and for the most part, I thought Giffin told a charming story.  But, at a certain point towards the end of the book, things just started to wrap up a little too tidily for my taste.  I liked where the characters ultimately ended up, but the process of their getting there was just a little too abrupt to be realistic.

Would I recommend it?

Yes!  I really can’t be effusive enough about how much I LOVED these books.  I need to read more of Emily Giffin before officially proclaiming her to be one of my favorite authors, but these books have certainly put her on my TBR radar.


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      I just watched it this morning! Because, obviously, what else do you do when you just finished reading the book? :) I really liked it! I usually don’t like it when characters/events/anything, really changes from book to movie, but I LOVED Ethan’s character! I thought that was really well done.

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          Ohhhh, Bride Wars! I could watch that movie over and over. It’s just so cute and frothy and fun! I also love 27 Dresses, have you seen that one?

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            Congratulations!!! When is your wedding? I’m getting married next month and I feel the same way!

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            So, so exciting!! I wanted to get married in December, but we live in NY, and winter weather is too unpredictable here. We’ve got a few odds and ends that need to get done, but I think (hope?) that we’re in good shape! Let me know if you ever have any questions or whatnot with the planning!

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