Top Ten Tuesday: All Time Favorite Books


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by the Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s topic is Top Ten Books that are all-time favorites from the past three years.

Can I just say how grateful I am that this is limited to the past three years?  Because otherwise, I would need a much longer list.


I mean, obviously.  This book was just such a mindfuck.  So well done.  Honorable mentions to Gillian Flynn’s other two novels, Sharp Objects and Dark Places.


I picked this up in a bookstore not knowing anything about it other than historical fiction set in New York City in the late 1890s sounded interesting to me.  Also, there were scandals!  And intrigue!  And really, it was just a fantastic read.  When I finished it, the first thing I did was search amazon for other titles by this author and I was absolutely DEVASTATED that there were none.  Seriously, Paula Cohen, if you’re not too busy, would you mind writing another book?  Thanks!


This book really just had a little bit of everything it – a little historical fiction, fantasy, romance, and mystery.  Family secrets and  ancient links to the past change Clare’s perception of herself and her family through the course of a summer at Ravensmere.


So, I have this weird thing where I find it really hard to start a series unless all of the books are already published.  I remember reading the Sorcerer’s Stone when it first came out, and loved it, but then kind of wasn’t interested until the rest of the series was wrapped.  A couple years ago, I set out to read them all, and I’m so glad I did.  I’m actually kind of toying with the idea of a reread at some point in the future.  I need more Harry in my life!


The focus of this book is really on the main character’s relationship with her husband, daughter, and step-daughter.  Something tragic happens that forces Elliot to face tough realities about herself as a parent.  But what really resonated with me were her conflicting feelings about an old boyfriend, especially when he resurfaces in her life.  A really great “family dynamics” book.


I have a thing for unreliable narrators, or narrators who have a screw (or many) loose.  This was a great example of that.  Very dark, very creepy.


I didn’t read this for a long time, because I thought the subject matter would just be too dark for me.  I’m glad I finally did.  The POV was original, as Susie narrates her story from heaven.  The writing was ethereal and beautiful – which juxtaposed perfectly with the darker content.


Action!  Adventure!  Swashbuckling heroics!  This book brought to life a fairy-tale like Middle Ages for me.  The story revolves around Prince Florin, who is captured and imprisoned alongside court jester, Mimus.  This book left me thinking for many days after I’d finished.  If you like morally ambiguous characters, read this now.


This book starts with Pidge finding an old manuscript in a second-hand bookstore.  Need I say more?  Okay, I will!  This is a classic “quest” tale, with many extraordinary characters along the way.  I loved this book.  I wish it weren’t the hidden gem that it is.  This is the kind of book that I want to share with my (hopefully, one day!) children.


Okay, so I just started this book yesterday – but I’m already willing to add it to this list because it’s just that good.  Review forthcoming!


    • says:

      I think you’re totally right :) I feel like I want to just set aside a week and do nothing but read Harry Potter…and then watch all the movies! :)

  1. Anjeline @ Love thy Shelf says:

    You have a great list here! I haven’t read Gone Girl but I saw the movie and I can’t wait to read the book. I loved If I Stay, as well. I’ve had The Lovely Bones for years now but I have yet to read it. There’s just so many books out there. I also just read the Harry Potter series and loved it so much! Really great list :)

    • says:

      I finally finished If I Stay and now I can’t wait to see that movie! You should read Gone Girl and The Lovely Bones! They’re both so, so great. I feel like neither movie did them justice.

  2. Peter says:

    With Harry Potter, my childhood was consumed by it! I loved the video games and building the Lego sets (By the way, the castle costs over $400 now on Ebay, since they don’t make it anymore!) But, I didn’t read the books until long after Deathly Hallows was published. I saw the films first, but didn’t read them until I was in Middle School! I liked the books better. The Lovely Bones was another where I saw the film first, but when I read the books, I still felt nervous for the characters because I knew what would happen–but not when. The book was fantastic–the movie lacked in my opinion.

    • says:

      Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t see this until just now because it went into a spam folder?! I love how everyone has their own introduction to Harry Potter story. I have to admit, I’ve only seen the first two movies. I don’t know what happened, I need to get on that. I totally agree with you about The Lovely Bones. If I had seen that movie without having read the book first, I feel like I might have liked it better. But really, there’s no way to translate some of the more moving passages from the book onto the screen. So I was a little forgiving about the movie not being so great.

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