In which I humbly accept a Versatile Blogger Award!


 Many, MANY thanks to Gabi for nominating this little blog!  I am just tickled pink to be on the receiving end of such an honor.


It’s nice (so, so nice!) to be acknowledged as a new addition to the blogging world.  And to share the blogging love, I’m extending nominations to the following:

1.  The Biblio Life

2.  Captivated by Fantasy

3.  Always Reiding

4.  Charming Reads

5.  Books, Beauty & Buys

6. Born and Read

7. Caitlin Marie Reads

8. Downright Dystopian

9. Read All the Things!

10. Pop! Goes the Reader

Yay for blog love!


And, because I’m sure this is just what has been missing from your life, some random facts about yours truly:

1. I’m marrying the love of my life in less than two months! <3

2. I worry way too much, usually about things that aren’t even worth worrying about.

3. I’m pretty addicted to candles and any kind of bath or body products.

4. Also Lifetime movies.

5. I like to sleep with the TV on in the background.

6. I’ve worn glasses for so long that I feel like I don’t recognize myself without them on.

7. I have the cutest dog ever, in the history of the world.


8. I used to sell books that I finished reading door-to-door in a wheelbarrow.  My best friend at the time was highly instrumental in this.

9. I used to really hate my name.  At one point, I begged my mom to let me change it to Mackensie.  Now, I’m pretty okay with Lauren.  I actually kind of like it.

10. I wanted to start a book blog for a really, REALLY long time before I actually did it.

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      TOTALLY AGREE. Apart from my book addiction, bath and body products (and candles) are my weaknesses.

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