Confession Time

I’m a book quitter.

This is a relatively new phenomenon for me.  I used to be the kind of reader that would finish a book no matter how much I was disliking it.  I would feel like I had already invested a certain amount of time and energy into reading it.    And every book deserves the chance to turn itself around and get better.  Some books just have really redeeming and satisfying endings, and it changes your entire perspective of the book as a whole.

I don’t know what happened that turned me from a devoted book finisher to an occasional book quitter.  Sometimes I wish I could just get through a book so as not to feel like I failed at it.  But ultimately, I read for the pleasure of it.  If a book is no longer providing that pleasure, then why continue reading it?


What are your thoughts about DNF-ing a book?  Will you keep reading just to finish, or set it aside if you’re not feeling it?


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